It might have been tempting for you to stop wearing makeup because #isolife is over, and it’s time to pamper your skin, right? It is hard to deny the positive impact that makeup can have on your health. We will explain that cosmetics have many benefits beyond their appearance.

You can change your mindset and mood by using this one thing.

The daily juggle is real, and the idea of any time for yourself seems almost laughable. Maintaining routines where possible is essential. It’s hard to find time for yourself, especially when you have a family. But self-care is important.

For those who find it difficult to prioritize self-care or implement a beauty routine, a simple one can be very beneficial. It is not necessary to spend hours on daily makeup, but even 5-10 minutes can make a huge difference in your attitude. It’s not only good for your skin to apply mascara, concealer, foundation, and even blush, but it can also lift your mood. It’s a great motivation for me to get up and follow the same morning routine as if I were still in the office. Making myself presentable makes me feel more positive, energetic, and productive!

The use of 2 can be therapeutic.

It’s almost therapeutic to have 10 minutes alone, where I can completely forget the world and the daily grind to focus on my mini-makeover. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to swim, and my at-home yoga sessions have become few and far between. My morning makeup routine is my little self-soothing tradition, especially when my kids have been driving me crazy since 7 am.

You can express your creativity in 3 different ways.

Makeup can be a great way to express yourself. No matter if you want to channel your inner Lady Gaga or feel like a minimalist, makeup allows you to be creative. You can also use it to experiment with different makeup looks and see which ones work best for you. There’s nothing like spending some time alone to get your makeup just right for a dinner date or girls’ night out when life returns to normal.

You can have fun with this!

It’s not just about being presentable. Makeup can also be a lot of fun! Play with colors to create looks that you’ve never imagined possible. For me, the only ones who will judge my look are my little minions. Anyone who thinks any outfit I wear is fabulous! Phew!

If your children are old enough and find makeup fascinating, then why not turn it into a fun activity you can do with them? It’s a great time to get them involved in makeup. The makeup they create will create memories for them forever. I have photos to prove it.

Five ways to boost your confidence

Wearing makeup can make you feel more polished or even “perfected”… so to speak. You can boost your confidence by concealing any imperfections. It will also make you feel in control and more confident. This boost in confidence is also known to increase productivity. I say win-win!

You can get a better skin with this product.

Say what? What? You say. This might seem a bit ridiculous, but doesn’t makeup tend to clog up your skin? Does it prevent the skin from breathing? No, if you use the right makeup!

The skin can be negatively affected by spending so much time in quarantine at home. It will lose essential minerals and nutrients. While skincare products can improve the appearance of your skin, makeup that contains skin-nourishing ingredients will also do so. Mineral foundations and powders rich in vitamins C, E, and A, as well as ginseng and aloe, soothe and protect your skin and can even correct it! For these reasons, I love the ELES Cosmetics Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation! It’s a perfect coverage – it is silky smooth and matte with a natural finish. This foundation also protects and corrects my skin.

Makeup, from lipstick to highlighter, can also be an effective anti-aging measure as it offers additional protection against pollution and the sun’s harmful rays. We often forget to apply sunscreen around the delicate eye and lip area. I am guilty of it! This can be achieved by using long-lasting lippies and eyeshadows with pigments. The Moisture Creme Lipstick is a rich, long-lasting lipstick that has a formula that instantly nourishes lips and offers rich color and durable wearing. It also deeply conditions the lips with avocado, jojoba, and shea butter! The Nutmeg color is my favorite; it adds a perfect shine to my lips.

Seven ways to increase longevity

Self-care, such as applying makeup, has both short-term and long-term benefits. We now know that makeup routines can help you feel better, causing you to behave and think differently. Numerous studies have shown that people who are more positive live longer.