The summer is finally here! Summer is here! Loaded with lazy lounging and ice-cold coolers. With all of this comes skin problems. As the sundials heat, we prepare to beat it using our beauty arsenal.

Most of us forget to include a moisturizer in our long list of summer necessities. Surprised? Don’t be. You may be wondering why you need to use moisturizers. This is because heat can dehydrate your skin. It’s essential to keep your skin hydrated and well-nourished at all times.

While you prepare for summer, let’s look at the best moisturizers to use on your skin and your life. Here are a few mini gems to help you have fun in the sun.

Keep oily summer skin at bay.

Even if you have a normal skin tone, your summer skin will not feel like an oily mine. Now, you don’t have to. Choose moisturizers that are oil-free and will mattify the skin. This will give you that beautiful summer glow without any oily drips. Choose light moisturizers formulated to provide skin hydration, radiance, and a glow without causing a greasy feel. They are the best option as they are lighter and allow your skin to breathe.

Nivea Soft Berry Blossom

Maximize your SPF

Want to look stunning this summer and be sun-safe? It would help if you had a cream with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and maintain its natural moisture balance. The higher the SPF of the day cream, the better. It will protect your skin against harmful sun rays and prevent sunburns and premature aging.


Detoxing is essential!

Your thirsty skin wants the same thing as you. Give your skin a boost by detoxing it. How? Scrub your skin to reveal a smoother, cleaner complexion. It will also improve your face and reduce pores. Add a skin detox smoothie to your summer cocktail for a refreshing treat.

BB Summer pick: Dot & Key Skin Detox Smoothie

Say goodbye to sticky skin.

A light and non-oily cream will do wonders for your skin in the summer heat and humidity. Heat and moisture can cause your skin to become dehydrated, and you may lose its natural glow. A light, non-oily moisturizing cream is the perfect solution. It gives your skin an essential feeling of hydration, protection from pollution and the sun, and a non-greasy and fresh feel.

BB Summer pick: Ponds light moisturizer

Keep your skin youthful.

The sun is relentless. The sun’s UV rays damage skin, causing wrinkles and premature aging. You can maintain healthy skin by following a skincare regimen. Remember to use an SPF cream and a day cream that is nourishing. Choose gel and water-based formulas. Choose a non-greasy, light formula to keep your skin looking fresh.


Easy breezy tips

  • You can use an oil-free moisturizer to prevent your pores from being blocked.
  • Apply less oil or damp skin if you prefer a moisturizer with an oil base.
  • Lighter creams are better for your skin than heavier creams
  • Remember to also apply between your toes. Remember to apply them between your toes.

Don’t be a summer snoozer; keep the sizzle going all season. We’re confident that these tips will get you ready for summer. Include these tips in your skincare regime and enjoy the golden glow of summer. Summer is the perfect time to be in a good mood.