When we think of the ’90s, there’s plenty we’re thankful we’ve left behind. Bell bottoms, over plucked brows and butterfly clips…But there’s one trend we’re delighted to welcome back. Brown Lipstick . Deep or unabashed, understated or glam Choose your style.

Here are the most popular brown shades of lipstick:

Coffee Colored PoutFirst made famous by Friends Star Jennifer Anniston The coffee-colored pout is seeing its time in the sun once more and, unlike many trends that come back this one isn’t too away to the origin. Nykaa reccomends

  1. Rich, Chocolate Mocha

Thankfully, in its latest version there’s no more of those ugly puckers that have mismatched lines. The latest trend in lipsticks is all about the luscious chocolate mochas with a rich, creamy texture. In terms of texture, it’s all about the details. Check out Priyanka Chopra who prefer a more wearable with a glossy, wearable finish. Nykaa reccomends

  1. Nude Browns

On the other side of the spectrum of texture Kylie Jenner The majority of people prefer more matte. The colors are also becoming more versatile. The nude browns have a more Kardashian/Jenner-esque feel, while the richer, warmer shades can almost look gothic. Nykaa reccomends

The supermodel Gigi Hadid is looking particularly 1990s in this. Get that glossy look by applying a crisp brown lippie to your lips. Dab using a tissue, then apply again to create a smooth and even look. Nykaa reccomends

  1. Naughty-But-Nice Pucker

Georgina Wilson Also, she was spotted with the latest trends in New York Fashion Week. Her lips were paired with soft brows, wavy eyelashes, and kohled eyelashes. A dark, sassy lip color is what you require for this sweet-but-naughty pucker. Nykaa reccomends

  1. Browns for Daily Wear

Katie Holmes and Katrina Kaif They are also wearing a very wearable and everyday brown that’s more the naked side than chocolate. All you require is little love for your lips that give just that beautiful shine and a the slightest hint of color! Nykaa reccomends

  1. Matte Brown Lips

Lastly, YouTube vlogger Kathleen Fuentes We show you how to style your lips with a matte brown. Keep everything else simple. A swish of luscious brown with a flawless look as well as brows that are feathered and curled eyelashes. Smoking hot!