Stargazing has to be one of the most romantic activities on the planet, making it a great way to boost intimacy with your partner. This is true even if you simply relax on the balcony or in the backyard together, enjoying a quick stargaze at home. However, you can greatly enhance the romantic vibes by turning it into an adventure. In doing so, you’ll create beautiful memories that will stay with you both for a lifetime. 

Below, we’ve got four simple tips for setting the mood and two for selecting the right spot. 

Choose The Right Beverage

The first thing you need to do is select the right beverage. If you intend to be out for a while, you’ll need something to drink, and the right option can level up the romance factor. Of course, water should always be on the menu as health and hydration are important. 

If you and your partner are partial to sipping wine under the stars, it’s also a great idea to join an Australian wine club. This way, you’ll get expert recommendations, and each time a new bottle arrives, you’ll have a built-in reminder that it’s time for another night under the stars.

Bring A Blanket And Chairs 

Unless you’re 100% sure that the ground will be comfortable to sit on, we suggest bringing both a blanket and chairs. This ensures you won’t be fidgeting all night because of rocks or twigs. If you pop your chairs close together, you can wrap the blanket around yourselves for warmth and intimacy. Pillows are also an excellent addition here if you’re looking for extra comfort, especially if you’ll be sitting on a picnic blanket.

Pack A Picnic 

You’ll probably get a little peckish if you’re out for a while, so bringing something to nibble on is a good idea. While packaged snacks will get the job done, whipping up something more special will take things to the next level. So, grab the best frying pan in Australia, whip up your partner’s favourite hors d’oeuvres, and make the night truly special.

Create A Playlist 

Music can alter moods, so if you want to set the tone for your date, create a playlist that your partner will love. We suggest a mix of relaxing and romantic tunes, but you’ll want to tailor your selection based on your relationship. 

Research The Spot First

Researching your stargazing spot before you go is incredibly important as this helps you know whether you’ll need any extra items for your adventure. For example, if there’s a lake or other water source nearby, you’ll want something to ward off mosquitoes. If the area is known for getting extra cold at night, an additional blanket won’t go astray. Bonus points here if you decide to turn your stargazing trip into a weekend getaway and have an itinerary planned to surprise your partner with.

Check Expected Cloud Coverage

Finally, while no predictions are ever certain, it’s a good idea to check the expected cloud coverage in the area before setting off on your adventure. While a few clouds won’t spoil your night, if the expectation is that there will be quite a few, you should reconsider your timing. 

Going stargazing is a great way to reconnect with your partner and build intimacy in the relationship. It’s also a fabulous way to connect with nature and enjoy some peace and quiet. The tips outlined above should help you take your stargazing adventures to the next level, and we hope you found them helpful.