Life can be stressful, but with some quirky and unusual activities and changes, you can craft yourself some calm. Here are seven strange but effective ways to reduce stress: 

Reducing Household Toxins

Studies show that cleaning products and chemicals in cookware can impact your mental health negatively. They can also cause all kinds of physical health issues, which can then create secondary stress arising from chronic symptoms like headaches, respiratory problems, and more. Switching to the best non toxic cookware set, using non-toxic paints, and being as natural as possible with your cleaning products can keep the impacts of these chemicals at bay. These steps will also help you feel better physically and mentally. 

Try Cold Water Exposure

Done safely, cold water swimming, ice plunges, and cold showers can not only boost feel-good hormones but also actively increase your tolerance to stress. The best part is that if you can brave it, you will likely get positive results from your very first cold plunge. Just make sure you have a lovely hot brew (perhaps some camomile tea) to enjoy afterward. Knowing you have warm and fuzzy vibes waiting for you should help you brave the cold! 

Power Up With Plants

It may sound odd to think that more veg and less meat and dairy is going to have any impact on your mood, but science tells us that for some people, it does. All kinds of different factors can affect why a person might experience low mood, stress, and anxious feelings, and what you eat is certainly among them. Many scientific studies tell us that a plant-based diet can help with physical and mental health. 

By decreasing the ingestion of known inflammatory foods like dairy and processed meat, a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can have quick health-boosting effects. All those vegetables will also go a long way toward improving your health and your mood. Even if you just add a few veg-based meals to your week, you’ll likely see some benefits. 

Smile With Chamomile

Chamomile tea is one of the simplest and most delicious ways to feel more zen. This is because it contains flavonoids that have calming effects. Will somebody pop the kettle on? 

Cultivate Your Own Jungle

Gardening is known to trigger the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins. It helps us appreciate our natural surroundings and focus on the simplicity of tending to the earth. Whether you water a spider plant in your office or create a glorious veggie garden on your balcony, a bit of time with nature will reduce your stress levels. 

Stroke A Fur Baby

Did you know stoking your pet is as good for your mood as it is for theirs? It is known to decrease cortisol levels and lower blood pressure. It doesn’t even have to be the act of stroking a dog, cat, or rabbit. You can even gain benefits from watching a pet fish or lizard! It’s about the bond you have with the animal and how those positive emotions help you wind down and feel better. 


All kinds of studies have found that laughter helps you to feel better. A good laugh can help reduce the physical and emotional feelings of stress. It can also boost your feel-good hormones, so make sure to add a few comedy sessions to your after-work routine. 

No matter which method you choose to achieve zen, if it brings you peace, it’s worth a try. Whether you become a plant parent or embark on a vegan journey, it’s time to take relaxation seriously so you can enjoy a much more peaceful state of mind.