Good liquid lipstick is the best. These liquid lipsticks have been a beauty staple since their inception many years ago. They are well-respected. Liquid lipsticks are more pigmented than traditional lipsticks and last all day. Here are some tips to help you get that perfect pout.

Before you get started

Moisturizers are the key to applying liquid lipsticks perfectly. Hughes says that her lip balm has been there since the beginning of my foundation. If you remember, it’s essential to always have lip balm with you when you go to sleep. I have one on my nightstand. Start with lip balm at the beginning of your skincare routine. When you reach for the lips, your lips will be ready.

Step 1: Remove excess shine with a tissue

Hughes suggests removing any excess shine or sheen from your lipstick before applying it. The only exception: The only exception? Hughes says it will make the lipstick feel more comfortable all day.

Step 2: Line Your Lips

Hughes will now apply her Makeup For Ever Lip, Eye and Brow Pencil in Universal Earth ($18) to define her lips. Hughes says, “I have my pencil sharpened and I will create an X at my cupid’s bow.” This is the first step of a lip. It is framing your cupid’s bow. In my opinion, this is the most prominent and most beautiful part of a person’s mouth.

Hughes then concentrates on her bottom lip and makes an indentation with her lip liner beneath her lower lip. Hughes says, “Now I’m going make two marks starting at the cupid’s bow halfway down my top lips and ending at the corner to meet that line I just made.” “Notice my pinky. It’s my anchor. Then, I will do the bottom to connect with this dash. Next, I will fill it with a pencil.

Hughes believes that a lipstick’s longevity is enhanced if it’s penciled first, regardless of whether it’s shiny or matte. You don’t always need to use a pencil to cover matte lipsticks. Instead, you can apply a pencil at the edge of the lips to contour, shade or add a border.

Step 3: Polish the Edges of Your Lips

Hughes says she will buff the edges on the lip liner she just drew to make it feel less drawn-on and almost as if it has been there for years. Hughes also said that the color is my signature and that I don’t ever take it off. “I am carefully smoothing the edges of the pencil with the brush, right at the point where there is a bit of inconsistency.

Step 4: Apply Lipstick to the Areas You Purse

Hughes says it is better not to begin at the edges of your lips like with the pencil. Hughes says to start close to the area where your lips are pursed or open. It’s much easier to work toward the lip than to pull back with something like this.

Hughes suggests using the back end of the doe foot applicator to precisely trace your lips with liquid lipstick.

Step Five: Get Rid of All Messes

Do you accidentally swipe lipstick across the top of your chin? Do you want to tidy up the area around your lips? Hughes uses the Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Repair 2:4:2. Take a brush, apply a bit of skin cream, and then erase the mess with a clean brush. Hughes explains that this is an everyday makeup erasing technique used by makeup artists all over the globe. Finish her lips with the second coat of lip