So, what’s the big deal? It’s just about applying some blush to the apples of your cheeks. Right? Wrong! The problem is most people don’t quite know how to apply blush properly or even where. And the chances of ending up looking like a feverish doll are higher than sporting a pretty, fresh flush. Worry not, we’ll show you the correct way to apply blush on different face shapes, the shades that work for your undertone, as well as the best blush tips ever! Let’s get started.


  1. First Prime Your Face

Every makeup type is best when it’s prepared face. Therefore, begin with applying your foundation and moisturizer. Apply it with makeup powder or primer for your face and take out your blusher

  1. Now Choose Your Blush Colour Based On Your Skin Undertones

If you’re a sombre beauty applying a pink blush will make your appear drab. Select the blush colour according to the skin’s undertones. If you’re in the yellow range choose a pink or reddish pinks such as Nykaa Be Cheeky! Blush Duo palette – Malibu Barbie 03 to make your complexion pop. Are you a red or pink-colored person? Choose lighter pinks to complement your skin tone or go for peaches to reduce the redness. Check out Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded – Peaches & Cream. For more blue or plum undertones, opt for brighter orange or the terracotta-like the Maybelline New York Master Flush Creator Blush 01 Afterglow to highlight your cheeks.

  1. Choose A Formula Based On Your Skin Type

It’s clear that if you have dry skin, or wrinkles and lines you should choose an oil-based or creamy formula such as Kiko Milano Velvet Soft Stick Blush. While oily skin types require a powder-based product like L.A. Colors So Cheeky Blush and Highlight Palette, which will absorb all the extra oil. It’s important to note that powder blushes last longer during warmer weather, while creamy formulations give the extra tingle of moisture during colder months!


  1. Round Shaped Face

This is the idea behind apply cheek blushes to help make the appear slimmer and more attractive. Apply the blush with an angular motion and blend it from the cheeks’ apples towards your temples to highlight the structure of your bones. Don’t blend it into the nose, as it makes your face appear more round. Simply look in the mirror with a smile. After that, apply two small strokes over the apples of your cheeks, and then brushing upwards to the temples, and then downwards towards the earlobe.

  1. Square Shaped Face

Straight faces feature straight lines as well as an elongated jawline. It is smooth and flat. To smooth your angles, swipe your favorite blush brush across your cheekbones to the top of your face, then move upwards with long, smooth movements. Apply the blush from the brow down to the nose. Do this softly and blend. The idea is to conceal the cheekbone, starting from the border of the brow up until the line of hair. You can also apply a hint of blush to your lips or your eyelids to give an ethereal flush.

  1. Oblong Shaped Face

If your cheeks, forehead and jawline are roughly the same size, it’s likely you have an oblong face shape. This is a name for a soft rectangle. Apply pressure to the cheeks’ apples beginning at the most prominent point and then blend it towards your nostrils, then move outward toward the temple. The trick is not to highlight the cheekbones, but allow your face naturally to highlight the cheekbones naturally. It is possible to add some blush to the forehead as well as the sides of your brows for a complete look. your appearance.

  1. Oval Shaped Face

Blush is the ideal method you can frame the eyes. oval face shapes feature prominent cheeks, and an oval cheekbone. Apply blush on the highest point of your cheekbone. Massage it down towards your earlobe before blending it toward the temple. You can add a touch of blush above the temples for a more luminous look.

  1. Diamond Shaped Face

The face that you have is broader in the cheekbones, and smaller towards the jawline with a pointed chin and a diamond-shaped jawline. It is important to emphasize the lower half of the face. But, do not apply blush to the hollows beneath your cheekbones. Instead apply it on the cheekbones’ top and blend it towards your ear.

  1. Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face usually is larger and has prominent cheekbones as well as the appearance of a narrow the chin. When you’ve got a heart-shaped facial apply blush to the cheekbones’ bottoms in the shape of a “C” shape going from the upper part of your temple to the lower. This is like how you make a contour. The concept is to create a balanced jawline, and to draw attention to your cheekbones.


Swiss Beauty Baked Blusher & Highlighter

We adore the way it instantly highlights the skin with a dazzling wash of glittering hue. It is not necessary to buy an additional highlighter. The powdery but luminous creamy formula gives that gorgeous sparkle to even the dullest of skin tones in just a few swipes. Perfect even for sensitive skins.

  1. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Blend Finity Stick Blush

We like this idea for a stick for blush! It’s so easy to apply a splash of color wherever you go. The extra soft texture is a senorial pleasure. The unique mix of pearls provides an optical blurring, as well as a soft lifting effect. It provides medium to high coverage, with soft, velvety texture.

  1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Blush

One of the cheapest and widely-used blushes on the market in the present. This powder that is light and blendable blush blends well and enhances your complexion, no matter what your skin color, while providing natural glowing.

  1. Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart Triple Baked Blusher – Bursting With Love

If you haven’t yet tried this palette yet, try it! It’s an ideal Triple Baked blusher palette, which makes your face quickly! The powders blend effortlessly and seamlessly blend together for an elegant sculpted look. Plus, the smooth texture creates glowing skin, instantly smoothing wrinkles and lines and leaving you with healthier looking skin!