The last step in getting ready is to wear perfume. This intoxicating aspect of spraying a fragrance is more than just a simple spray. The vanity behind wearing perfume is rooted in mundane chemistry, where the long-lasting element becomes even more lasting. It is an art. You must apply perfume correctly, even if it is a high-quality product.

Do you want to become a professional perfumer? Let’s begin!

Apply directly on the skin.

Apply the perfume to the skin for it to penetrate and break down. Sebum is the perfect medium for bouquets to attach themselves, and the warmth from our skin releases the scent. This is why applying perfume on top of a cream or an oil works. This is why different fragrances smell differently on different people. After showering is the best time to use a perfume. The fragrance lasts longer when the skin is moisturized, so spray your perfume after showering to smell great all day.

Spray your pulse points

It is crucial to know where you should spray your perfume. The warmer points on your body, such as the inner wrists, inner arms, belly button, and the backs of your knees or earlobes, help diffuse the scent.

Never rub perfume

Never rub perfume. Always dab it on. The top notes can fade if you rub perfume. This is because rubbing can cause friction and heat, which can alter the scent.

Spraying and walking

The fragrance will remain pleasant if you breathe in and out of a mist. Wearing perfume should enhance your natural smell and complement you. Spray the perfume and then walk through. It will make your clothes smell nice without being overpowering.

Use this to post a shower

After a shower, it is best to use perfume. After a shower, your pores are still open, and you’re still warm. Spray your fragrance as soon as your shower is over, rather than waiting until you rush out the door.

Layer up

It could be wise to moisturize before applying perfume. Your perfume may evaporate faster if you have dry, flaky skin. If you apply a layer of non-perfume, mildly scented lotion or petroleum jelly to your skin, the perfume will cling on and last longer.

Spray on your clothes.

You can keep your perfume fresh all day by applying it to your clothing. Make sure that the smell won’t stain your clothes. The fragrance will penetrate the fibers of your dress to leave a subtle scent wherever you are. You can also spray the inner lining on your clothing.

How to store your perfume

It is essential to choose the right place to store your perfume. Many consider perfumes a Vanity Statement and store them as ornaments rather than wear them. Avoid keeping your favorite scent in the bathroom, as heat and humidity can shorten its shelf life. Also, avoid direct sunlight. As always, the safest place to store your product is in a dark, cool place.

Here are our top perfumes now that you have learned how to get the most out of your fragrance.

Jaguar Classic Black

Jaguar Classic Black is the ultimate in vanity. It is a masculine scent with oriental-Fougere notes that has a crisp freshness. The top notes include Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, and Bitter Orange. The middle notes include spicy scents such as Cardamom and Black Tea.

Guess guess Seductive

This oriental floral fragrance has Jasmine and African Orange Flowers notes, with base notes including Vanilla, Olibanum, and Cashmere Wood.

Villain EAU De Parfum

The first pheromone perfume. This unique blend of coconutty, spicy, and woody notes will help you attract attention and increase your sexual appeal.

Beardo Whisky smoke

This boozy blend of masculine scent and intense aroma will raise the bar. This fragrance is long-lasting and sophisticated.

Intensity EAU De Parfum

This is an oceanic blend with woody, floral, and violet tones. The scent of White Driftwood and Violet will transport you to the South Pacific beaches.

Titan Celeste

This powerful floral blend with a fruity note, infused with Amber Sandalwood Patchouli and White Musk, is captivating. This floral fragrance is modern, feminine and reflects a playful and mischievous mood. It can be stored for up to 4 years.

Our recommendations are meant to make your experience with perfumes more memorable. We genuinely believe that smelling and looking good is equally important.