Extensions can be great if you want to increase length, volume, or both, in your natural hair. The world is your oyster when it comes to extensions. You can choose from single pieces you can use for a night out or professional options that can last months. Experts say that halo hair extensions can be a temporary and DIY option. celebrity extension expert and Shelly Aguirre  in Chicago, discuss exactly why this is.

What are Halo Extensions?

The halo extension is exactly what it sounds like. Its hair is attached to a ring made of clear fish wire. A few inches below your crown, a piece of clear fish wire is placed. It blends seamlessly with your natural hair, says Aguirre.

What is the difference between them and other hair extensions?

Valles says that Halo hair extensions are unique in providing instant volume and length without effort. Applying clip-ins takes only one step, which can take teasing, sectioning, and careful placement. Aguirre says that halo hair extensions are easy to install. They can also be easily disguised and adjusted to your liking. They look natural and supernatural.

In how they blend into your hair, halo extensions look similar to bonded extensions. Halos can be easily removed.

Who should get halo extensions?

According to experts who spoke to us, these are great for anyone looking to add length, body or both. These are also a great choice for people who don’t have the necessary skills to apply for DIY extensions.

These are as easy as wearing a headband. Take a section of your hair and stretch it from ear to ear. Then, pull it into a knot. The halo extension should be placed around the bun so that it is about one- to two inches from your hairline. She suggests you style the bun, so your hair falls above the extensions. You can style your hair as you like, and then you are good.

Pro tip: If the extensions are not to be blended in with your hair, Aguirre suggests that you bring them in and have them cut by your stylist to match your style. Aguirre advises always buying the extensions in person at a brick-and-mortar retailer.

Who should avoid halo extensions?

These are an excellent option for everyone. Aguirre points out that these extensions have a lot of hair and are meant to cover the entire head. This may not be the best choice for people with lots of hair.

Valles adds that halo extensions might be more difficult for people with shorter hair to blend in. This is especially true if you have thick hair.