In recent years, health and fitness have gained a lot of importance. Eating clean, healthy food and regularly exercising are well-established ways to improve fitness and health.

Online shopping for essential groceries has made it easier to eat healthy. The same routine is followed for working out. This involves working out in the gym for 45-90 mins, 4-5 days a week. The workout involves lifting heavy weights and working on specific parts of the body.

The ‘Work at Home’ culture is slowly growing. Recent research supports a new revolutionary concept that allows you to gain fitness from the comfort of your home without having to lift heavy weights or even go to the gym! Microworkout is the name of this concept.

What are Microworkouts?

Micro workouts consist of short, intense sessions lasting 10 minutes each. They can be repeated several times a day.

Recent studies have shown that Microworkouts take less time, despite the repetitions. In 30 minutes, a person can complete three workouts and repeat the process 4-5 times weekly.

This method is only effective if you can maintain a high level of intensity during each burst lasting 10 minutes. You can exercise for only 10 minutes and recover for many hours before the next bout of exercise. You can build muscle faster if you put 100% into each burst.

The Cycle Between Training and Eating

You’ll be surprised how easy and comfortable it is to fit three workouts in a single day, even without you noticing any significant changes in your schedule.

Changing your workout schedule to manage your blood sugar level is optional. You can adjust it so that your workouts are in sync.

Simple adjustments like a 10-minute exercise before breakfast can help create a healthy appetite. You can follow it up with a healthy breakfast, such as avocados, eggs, and multigrain bread.

You can schedule the next micro-workout just before lunch. You can have a nutritious lunch with chicken and millet such as ragi and jowar or yogurt.

You can reach your final micro-workout for the day by taking 10 minutes before dinner and doing a quick burst. After your workout, you can enjoy a simple meal with ingredients such as tomatoes, carrots and beetroot. These vegetables can be steamed with your favorite seasonings or made into a soup to soothe your soul.

Whatever you make out of these ingredients will be the perfect partner for your workout. It is convenient to do Microworkouts because you can save time by not having to go to the gym for hours and also the time it takes you to get there. What’s more? Even your muscles will be pumped all day!

All you need for a micro-workout is a pair of dumbbells. Studies have shown that you don’t need to spend hours at the gym in order to build muscle. You can achieve the same results by increasing the repetitions. A micro-workout is a type of exercise.

These sessions are short, and you can finish your session before you realize it.

Microworkout Examples

You can easily follow a gym routine that targets specific body parts. It is important to remember that these short bursts are meant to be challenging and strenuous.

It’s time to sweat! You can always increase the intensity of your workout if it becomes too easy.

Breathe during intense exercise bursts.

You can fit a gym-like workout into three small parts:

First Microworkout

You can begin with:

  • Push Press – Repeat 10-15 times per minute. Continue for five minutes.
  • Push-ups – Repeat 15-20 times per minute. Continue for another 5 minutes.

Second Workout

After the first session is over, you have a few more hours to recover. Next, you can do a micro-workout in the afternoon or midday. This session can be easily fitted in during your lunch break. You can do the following during your second session.