Whether you’re working at home, in solitude with more time to spare, or channeling your inner teacher as you work a full-time gig (who doesn’t like a little multi-tasking – EEK), self-care will remain essential in these uncertain times.

We’ll show you how to maintain your skin’s health and beauty with our must-try suggestions. ….all it takes is a bit of effort and the correct tools!

Do a DIY Facial

We can still pamper ourselves at home, even if we are unable to visit our favorite salon or spa. It is easy to perform a facial that is great for the skin as well as your psyche. Click here for a detailed description of how to perform a salon-style facial.


Enjoy a relaxing bath.

A relaxing, remineralizing soak can instantly relieve stress. Ahhhhhh. Start by creating a spa atmosphere to relax your body. You can use soothing music, essential oils, or your favorite candle. Fill the bath with de-stressing salts or bath foam. Oligomer’s Well Being Sensation essential minerals relaxing bath is a truly stress-relieving product. This product contains Oligomer, a partially reduced seawater concentrate with all the remineralizing qualities of seawater. It is designed to strengthen and restore skin while releasing all the pent-up tension.

You can try your hand at mani/pedi

You can opt to do a simple mani/pedi, which includes a little nail clipping or filing, followed by a hand soak and then polish application (the best method for me to follow when my four-year-old demands many/pedi time!’), or you can have a salon-style DIY experience using these simple tips; If you want to give yourself a quick mani/pedi, all it takes is a little filing or nail clipping followed by a hand soak. Then, apply the polish.

  1. Add some bath salts and soak your feet or hands in warm water.
  2. Exfoliate your feet and hands to stimulate blood circulation. Slough off your nails and file them to the desired shape.
  3. Do the same procedure on your feet. But remember to use a pumice or foot file.
  4. Then it’s time to apply the polish! Try the ELES Cosmetics healthy nail polish range.



Get a sunkissed glow.

We may have been stuck indoors for longer than expected, but it doesn’t mean that we should give up that golden, sunkissed glow. After all, who doesn’t like to feel better after a tan? Sun Radiance Self Tanning Cream is my personal favorite. It has a light texture, doesn’t leave streaks, and gives a natural, luminous tan that lasts a long time. Bonus, since we won’t have time to sunbathe on the beach any time soon!


Peel your skin at home.

Every few weeks, I like to treat myself to a home peel. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as glycolic or lactic acids; Beta Hydroxy Acids, like salicylic acid (which fights acne); and gentle exfoliants, including fruit enzymes, work together to dissolve the “glue” that holds dead skin cells in place. This reveals healthier and radiant skin within ten minutes. You can even find options that contain skin-soothing agents to make them safe for sensitive skin.

One of my favorites is Pevonia EnzymoSpherides Peeling Cream, which contains natural fruit enzymes pineapple and papaya to remove impurities, dead skin cells, and toxins, revealing smooth, soft, and glowing skin.


Massage is a great way to relax.

You can give yourself a massage or ask a member of your family to do it for you! Don’t undervalue your children if you have any at home. My 6-year-old is sometimes better at massaging than my husband!

It could be anything from a relaxing foot, hand, or arm massage to a back or shoulder massage that will relieve aches and discomforts to a head massage that will reduce tension headaches. No, it won’t be as relaxing as a professional massage at your favorite salon or spa. But it will still reduce stress and help you decompress.

You need to select a massage oil, cream, or gel before you begin the massage. You can make a huge difference to the outcome of your massage by choosing the right product. Certain scents will evoke relaxation, while other ingredients can relieve aches and discomfort. For a hand and arm massage, I love the Oleocreme Ultra Nourishing Hand Creme. Then, I spray the Best-Selling Pevonia Dry-Oil Body Moisturiser all over my arms. This moisturizer revitalizes the skin and deeply nourishes it with squalene. Bliss.

Both the Cryotonic Leg Gel and Pevonia’s Tension Relief Gel are essential if your legs or feet feel heavy and tired. Both products have anti-inflammatory, cooling, and uplifting gel formulas that are great for tired, aching muscles and sore feet.

I highly recommend the Anti-Stress Micro Emulsion Massage oil for a relaxing back and shoulder massage. It releases tension immediately with its nourishing ingredients and gorgeous scent. Pevonia Marine Magnesium works wonders for more concentrated areas of muscle tension. This oil is a de-stressing treatment that works fast to relieve fatigue, muscular cramps, and inflammation. It also nourishes your body with wellness benefits.

Take your product and rub it between your palms. Now, place your hands in the desired area to massage. Set the tone and rhythm for massage to translate comfort and relaxation.


Mini makeovers are easy to do.

You might have the “makeup-free look” because you’re at home alone, but a mini-makeover can be a fun and creative way to express yourself that can help you through difficult times. It helps me overcome any anxiety that I may be experiencing! My mind is preoccupied with worry at the moment. But when I put on my makeup, I can get away from it. After all, I find it hard to concentrate on everything that’s going on in the world while I’m enjoying my ELES makeup! Please do yourself a favor and enjoy your makeup now that it is no longer a daily chore!

Maintain your eyebrows

The next few months are going to be difficult for those of us who depend on an amazing brow specialist. You will need to take care not to ruin the work that your beautician did, but it may be necessary for you to trim a few stray hairs to keep your brows in shape. Perfect, natural-looking brows can transform your face. They will make you feel and look ten years younger. Who doesn’t want that right now?