While staying indoors for long periods can be beneficial for our health, it can also cause skin damage. Use this quarantine time to perfect your skincare routine. We will tell you why.

Are you spending more time than ever on your smartphone, laptop, or in front of your TV?

Yes siree! Did you know that prolonged screen time can cause skin damage?

Your devices (now called the silent anti-agers for our generation!) emit ‘blue light’. emit ‘blue light’. This light causes a free radical to damage our DNA by penetrating into the dermis, where collagen and elastin reside, causing loss in firmness, an increase in visible wrinkles, as well as inflammation, and dark spots. It’s scary. Your best defence? Skincare and makeup products that are targeted!


 ELES Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20. Try Pevonia’s Youth Renew Tinted Moisturizer, or Mineral Sheer Tint by ELES SPF 20.

Antioxidants are found in the skin. When exposed to free radicals, these are damaged and depleted quickly. You can counteract the harmful effects of blue light by applying a topical antioxidant containing Vitamins C & E. Try Medicalia C Serum With Oxyzomes, which infuses and protects the antioxidant deep into the skin to maximize anti-free radical effects and collagen-boosting benefits.

Pevonia’s Phyto-Elite Stem Cells Intensive Cream is also a favorite. It’s rich in Vitamins C and E, Marine Collagen, and Retinol. It repairs the skin deeply, reducing the signs of premature ageing.


Use this time to rest your skin.

Don’t be misled, I don’t mean to say that you should stop wearing makeup! Even if you’re not socialising, or have no one at home to impress with your makeup and skincare routines, it can still provide the sense of normality we need in our otherwise bizarre lives! Opt for healthier formulations such as mineral foundations and powders that allow your skin to breathe while still achieving the perfect complexion.

ELES Cosmetics’ Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation is a global bestseller. It is formulated with Vitamins C, A & E. This foundation provides flawless coverage as well as antioxidant protection.


A change in the season can also bring about a change on your skin.

Dryness is one of the most common skin problems we see at this time of year.

You may have dry hands like me as a result from washing them all the time. Now you might also be suffering from a dull, dry complexion.


Moisturise regularly your hands, preferably right after you wash them. The cream will help to lock in moisture. I’ve been using the Ultra-Nourishing Phytomer Hand Cream, and my hands feel amazing. amazing. Rich, silky cream softens and soothes dry skin. It combines a marine oil duo that hydrates and soothes the skin while protecting it from external stress.

This time of the year, I suffer from very dry skin. Recently, I added two new products to my skincare routine. The difference in my skin has been amazing. In the morning, I alternate using my Pevonia Intensifier Collagen followed by Myoxy Caviar and my Pevonia Marine Collagen Cream. (Products with hyaluronic acids are known to increase moisture). OR my Phytomer Pionniere Radiance Retexturizing serum followed by Hydra continue Radiance Energizing cream.

The perfect overnight repair oil is Pevonia Vitaminic Oil Concentrate. It fights dehydration and premature aging.


Even if you’re not leaving your house, it’s still important to use SPF-containing products.

SPF is a product you should use every day. Do not be fooled by the fact that you spend most, if you do not all, of your time inside. Believe it or not, UVA light can still pass through windows! You should also take advantage of the fact that we can still go outside every day to exercise and get our daily dose of vitamin D. I recommend the Defence Brightening Day Protect SPF 50 for a great lightweight daily cream with SPF 30.