It’s the Vogue Business Beauty Trend Tracker created in conjunction with Spate. It analyzes the most popular products, trends, and ingredients driving the most dramatic positive changes in growth year-over-year. They have also shown steady upward growth over the past few years. We’ll each week focus on each category of beauty. Be sure to check back for the next makeup week.

Skincare fashions

Popular searches in skincare, like snail serum or snail facials, demonstrate customers’ desire to put aside their concerns about a slimy texture in favor of moisture. Skin patches are gaining the popularity of face patches or star pimple patches, now the most searched-for items for those seeking solutions to skin problems. The growing interest in nanoneedling suggests that consumers are considering methods that are not invasive to get the desired outcomes.

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Consumer awareness could drive changes. “Consumers want more information. They want more transparency, not just the sound bites,” Han says. Han. “The wave is changing because of perfume TikTok, young people, and there are certainly younger perfume TikTokers of colour. They are eager to learn about perfumery. They want all this information. And, because we have Tik Tok videos, all of this information can be more easily disseminated. Young people have a serious hunger for it.”


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El Masri El Masri Jazmin Sarai Jazmin Sarai argues for the lack of tolerance for ignorance. “The way that people speak, the way people perceive things has been shifting. And I think this is a perfect time for the fragrance industry to shift too. It is a constantly evolving industry, because we have to be, whether it’s ingredient wise or regulation wise or environment wise. So why can’t we change culturally, too?”