This Outlook differs from the majority. In lieu of looking at a specific disease and its treatment, we shift the human hierarchy above survival or health to the area of aesthetics. While beauty may include sunsets, scientific theories, and even the sun but our focus lies on the attraction that exists between humans and other animals, which helps drive the natural process of selection.

Neuroscience provides a deeper understanding of the characteristics that have maintained their popularity over time and gives a deeper understanding of how the brain reacts to attractive faces (see page S2). To enhance their appearance, Many people turn to products and services offered by the thriving cosmetics industry. Many of these cosmetics provide scientifically based claims- many of which may be more reliable in comparison to some ( S4). On the other hand, at the extreme end of the spectrum, we take a look at the ongoing increase in cosmetic surgery. The increasing demand for cosmetic procedures from a wider range of patients is causing aesthetic surgeons to consider changing their aesthetics for the face in a more inclusive manner ( S6). Men, who are often overlooked people who aren’t considered to be part of the search for aesthetics — are beginning to receive their due ( S12). A few people are fixated on their looks, which could lead to an obsession with perceived imperfections ( S14).

The beauty of humans can be obtained from studying what other animals like ( S8). Evolution has given animals various visual signals that indicate their ability to sustain the species. On a step back, theoretic physical scientist David Deutsch makes the case for the notion of “objective beauty” ( S16), and Anthropologist Karl Grammer teases apart the significance of beauty within human relationships ( S11).

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