Beauty gurus call dusky skin an exotic tone. Your gorgeous brown skin can be a canvas to add vibrant colors and exciting shades. The world may tell you to be selective when choosing your makeup. But we believe that with the right colors, you can do anything.

Stop worrying. You can easily decode the makeup colors for a dusky skin tone. We’ve also listed an easier way to determine your skin color. Each of us has a different skin tone. We’ve got your back. You can choose from a wide range of products.

Undertone and skin tone

Darker skin tones, such as brown, have a more orange undertone. It’s good to know that undertone and skin tone are different. The colour of our skin is a visible layer on top. The undertones are the subtle hint beneath the surface of the skin. Melanin is what determines our skin’s colour.

They are constant and never change. Undertones are classified into three groups: neutral, warm, and cool. Warm undertones can range from peach, yellow or golden tones. Cool undertones are usually pinkish and blueish. Indians tend to have a warmer skin tone, while those with darker complexions will have yellow or red undertones. Skin tones and undertones do not affect each other.

Identifying your skin undertone

You can easily check your undertone using The Wrist Test. Your veins can reveal your undertone. Check the veins on your wrists. They can be bluish, green, or a mixture of the two colors.

Green veins indicate a warm undertone. You have a calm tone if you see bluish veins. If you have a blend of these two shades, then you fall into the category of neutral undertones.

A warm undertone is a skin tone with golden and yellow hues. Cool undertones are a touch of pink or blue. Neutral undertones are a combination of warm and cool tones beneath the skin.

Makeup shades

Understanding your undertone is essential for your makeup. Compare your undertone to the makeup you choose, from foundations to lipsticks and concealers. Beauty experts suggest earthy colors like rose gold, bronze, or champagne, which flatter the brown tone.

Here is a list of all the beauty products you dusky beauties should have!


Brown skin types are best suited to shades like soft tan and tan. It’s easy to choose the right shade. Draw a line between your cheek and jawline using a light shade, a dark shade, and the one you think is best. Compare them and choose the one that blends in seamlessly with your skin.

Pro Tip: Choose a foundation that provides full coverage without cake-up.

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Golden, rusty or brown shades enhance your brown skin’s natural beauty. Darker shades will make your eyes appear lighter. Choose taupe, bronze, gold, or rose gold hues with an earthy, warm feel. You can wear shimmery plums, burgundies, and greens to lighten the area.

Pro Tip: Avoid pinks or pale shades of blue as they can dull your eyes.

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The contouring trend is an easy way to give your face the desired shape and dimension. Use it to slim the look by applying it beneath the cheekbones or the nose bone. It can be used to define the jawline. This makeup technique uses dark and light colors to enhance the appearance.

Pro Tip: Use it after the foundation, not before. The foundation creates a base, which makes the color look more flattering.