In the present study, the authors try to investigate the idea of beauty from a variety of perspectives from different periods in history and share their own thoughts on the subject.


The authors conducted a thorough and broad-based review of the literature on “beauty,” including beauty from a philosophical standpoint and the perception of beauty by the human mind as well as the biopsychological angle and beauty of the body, face, and breasts, models for beauty as well as beauty cosmetic surgical procedures.


From Plato to the latest neuro-psychological research, The concept of beauty has been the subject of heated debates and passionate discussions. Beauty, in various forms that range from intellectual to physical, has attracted an immense amount of interest. The exact definition of beauty remains unclear, and there isn’t any consensus on what it is. It is evident to me that beauty’s definition is different with each individual’s perspective and throughout the time of mankind.


While beauty is a significant concept and the search for it is a natural way of life, it is important to keep in mind that the significance of beauty must not be a distraction from the fact that each human being is composed of similar organs inside. We urge readers to look beyond the fence and be aware that every one of us is comprised of internal organs that go beyond the exterior appearance.

The truth is that beauty and attractiveness are based on the feeling they generate within oneself and others. This is why, as plastic surgeons, the most valuable gift we can offer our patients is the ability to create the confidence within that can make a person attractive to others. It’s the confidence that makes a person be comfortable in his or his or her own skin and fully be able to enjoy the challenges and rewards of everyday life. Without it, even the most gorgeous among us are unlikely to be truly happy.